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A Little bit About Livi

My journey in the museum industry is fueled by a deep passion for making a positive impact. I'm on a mission to create museums that challenge societal norms, embracing inclusivity and diversity at their core. Together, we'll explore intangible concepts and ignite meaningful conversations, fostering a space where everyone's voice is heard. As an e-Curator, I'm all about creativity and innovation, using my skills to craft engaging exhibitions that resonate with visitors on a personal level. My heart is set on breaking barriers and making the heritage sector more accessible to all. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, celebrating untold stories and creating an inclusive cultural experience that touches hearts and minds.

Picture of Livi with Derwentwater, Keswick, Cumbria in the background. Livi is a mixed race person with mid length curly hair and brown eyes. Wearing a gold necklace with a magnifying glass at the end, a yellow rain coat, a scarf of autumnal colours woven in flower motifs  and gold sequins. The dungarees have rainbow coloured dinosaur bones.
A view of Bassenthwaite lake from sale hill. There is a green hill rolling down towards a lake, so sill it reflects the clear blue sky and grey clouds above. in the far ground is Skiddaw, a mountain, covered in a thick dark woodland of Douglass furs. in the mid ground is a patch work of fields in many shades of green, divided by rows of trees and hedges.

How it all began...

My museum journey started as a Museum Officer at Keswick Museum, where I loved managing their social media and website content. With fun and engaging posts, we saw an amazing 5000% increase in online engagement, reaching up to 78k people monthly. Working with fantastic colleagues, we rocked marketing for campaigns and events, while I aced SEO, hitting an impressive 95k visitors per month. I then became a Curatorial Assistant at Tullie House Museum, fueling my passion for museums. Geeking out while digitizing the geology collection, I found cool ways to boost research and public engagement. Coordinating Geoweek 2022 was a brilliant experience, creating innovative workshops and exhibitions with our Cumbrian museum and geological society partners. Supporting my community to explore their connections to our dynamic landscape was an incredible experience, along with the Black Memories Matter and Uncovering Roman Carlise projects.

Check out my LinkedIn profile to find out more!

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Projected image of the earth in the corner of a dark room with white walls and a dark floor

Beyond work...

I have an insatiable curiosity, from geeking out on awe-inspiring geological landscapes to researching hidden histories. I am an active member of esteemed societies like the Museum Computer Group, Museums as Muck and the Museums Association. I'm all about promoting inclusivity and equity, so I also volunteer with Anti-Racist Cumbria, the Scottish Geology Trust and the PLACE Collective. They are amazing organisations that are genuinely wanting to make a positive difference in the world, it is a total pleasure to be apart of their communities. 

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Recent Publications

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