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Artificial Intelligence usage disclosure 

 I wholeheartedly embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and deliver top-notch content and services. In my operations, I utilize a range of AI technologies, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Chat GTP: Content planning and AI improving prompts.

  2. Reclaim: Reclaim AI is an integral part of my task management and meeting scheduling processes, enabling streamlined organizational operations and efficient resource allocation.

  3. Merlin: To provide concise summaries of Google search results, I integrate Merlin AI, efficiently enhancing access to relevant information and research.

  4. Grammarly: Ensuring precise spell-checking and grammar correction,

  5. Glean: Glean AI serves as my reliable note-taking and audio recording tool, enabling me to efficiently organize and manage data, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  6. Zencaster: Facilitating remote meetings and podcast recordings, Zencaster's ability to separate microphones and video feeds expedites editing different sections, resulting in seamless and engaging podcasts and videos.

  7. Adobe Photoshop (beta): Editing images and generative fill

  8. Adobe Firefly: AI image generation

  9. Stable Diffusion: AI image generation

  10. Midjourney: AI image generation

  11. DALL-E 2: AI image generation 

  12. Bing:AI image generation, Alt text descriptions, research, and content planning. However, rest assured that all generated content undergoes thorough review and editing before publication to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

  13. Bard: research, content planning, hashtags and keyword research, social media post drafts, refining the tone of content, and SEO planning. I also use it to reordering notes into blogs, scripts, and refining the tone of written communications. I review all generated content before publishing.

  14. Capcut: Editing and creating videos

  15. Buffer: summarising content ideas and publishing on social media


My commitment to data privacy and security is unwavering. Any data collected and processed by these AI technologies is handled per my privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information.

I recognize the value of responsible AI usage, and I am dedicated to monitoring the performance and impact of these technologies, optimizing their use, and upholding ethical standards. I am trained in handling AI tools to mitigate potential biases and ensure fair and inclusive outcomes.

By leveraging AI responsibly, I aim to enrich user experiences and deliver content that resonates with my audience while remaining transparent about my AI usage and practices. My passion lies in harnessing the potential of AI for the greater good, adhering to my values and principles every step of the way.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding my usage of AI please contact me at

Last updated: 30/09/2023

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