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Top 3 Best websites for AI tools and news

Over the last year, I have explored different AI tools and how to use them. There seems to be a tool for everything these days, but where do you find them? How do you know which ones would be best for you? During this article, I will share my top 3 go-to websites to keep up-to-date with the latest AI tools, news and updates.

Future AI Labs: AI tool reviews

I follow Natalie Choprasert's Social media @brandnat. She is a really engaging content creator who doesn't only tell you about the AI tools, but reviews them and demonstrates them. It is well worth checking her socials if you are wanting to:

  • Try out a new tool, whether it is to see if the format of the AI would work for you.

  • Learn the basics of new tools and hear her options on its usability.

  • To hear the latest features and updates on the AI tools you are currently using.

Screenshot of Brand Nat's YouTube channel

I must admit, I haven't used her website Future AI Lab, all that much but, it has some great resources:

  • AI Tools: her curated collection of top AI tools for various domains like Social Media, Video, Photo, eCommerce, and CRM.

  • How-to Guides: she has provided comprehensive step-by-step instructions on using these tools.

  • Partners: They have a network of exceptional partners1.

You should check out her Social media channels; all the links can be found on her website, but I would totally recommend her YouTube channel, I am subscribed to her and really enjoy watching her content:

Fry AI: Latest News on AI

Their platform simplifies the process of staying updated with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. Here’s what they do:

  • Curated AI News: They provide the latest Artificial Intelligence news in an easy-to-read and simple-to-understand format.

  • Expert Selection: Every weekday, their experts handpick the most important AI news and tools.

  • Time-Saving: This service is designed for individuals who may feel overwhelmed with the abundance of AI news available. By presenting only the most important news and tools, Fry AI saves you the time and effort of sorting through numerous sources.

Screenshot of Fry AI's newsletter. at the top is a mystery link to an AI tool, followed by a blue banner with "today's menu, Appetizer: Amazon's AI approach to holiday ads, Entree: U.S. Government's first-ever AI executive order, desert: G7's new code of conduct" below this is the "AI tools of the day, Punchline AI, Tattoo jenny and funny tweet" written on  a white back ground

I am subscribed to Fry AI's newsletter, which provides me with short summaries of AI news directly in my inbox. Each day they give you:

  • A summary of the latest AI news in the form of 'today's menu',

  • a mystery AI link which takes you to a new tool to try out.

  • AI tool of the day

  • a summary of each item on the 'menu'

  • A fun Fry Rating system

Screen shot of the newsletter lower down. " Has Ai reached Singularity? check out the fry meter below" below is an image of a french fry with only 25.9% coloured in yellow. below this is "the singularity falls slightly. Biden signs AI Executive order. below this is a rating system " what do you think of this latest newsletter? with emoji's of fries: 3 = Fresh and crispy, 2  = lukewarm 1 = cold and soggy

If you only want to subscribe to one newsletter about AI, Fry AI would be my recommendation, as they share the most relevant and significant AI news, handpicked by experts and presented in a user-friendly format. You can subscribe to their newsletter by going to their website:

OpenTools: AI tool directory

Still have no idea what tools you need or where to find them? Not to worry, That is the case for most people, I still struggle to know which tools are best for me, that is why I use OpenTools to advice me on what would be best for my needs.

Screenshot of Open tool's website. it has a purple background with dots on it. as the bottom  it says " Ask me anything, or choose a suggested prompt from below to get started" below this is a chat box.

It is a hub for cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools to empower AI users from all walks of life. They were launched with a singular mission: to simplify and deliver AI tools in an accessible and user-friendly format. OpenTools AI is a large natural language AI model, Similar to ChatGPT, that helps you find the most appropriate AI tools for your custom needs. It has one of the largest collections of AI tools on the web; users can easily navigate the vast landscape of AI technology to find the right tools for the job.


This is by no means an exhaustive list but, it is a good place to start learning and experimenting with AI. When you are looking for AI tools and news, Consider the following before making your decisions:

  • How do you best take in information? video? social media? Newsletter?

  • Can the AI tool integrate into the software you are already using?

  • What accessibility needs do you have?

  • What tasks would you like to be automated?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • How could AI complement the work you are doing?

  • What is your budget?

  • What are you hoping to achieve by adding AI into your workflow?

  • What is the AI's privacy policy and copyright?

Being able to have a clear idea of how and why you want to use AI will make it far easier for you to find the right tool for the job. Please like, comment and share if you have found this blog helpful, I would love to read your comments below; feel free to share your thoughts, other website suggestions to find out about Ai tools and news, and any feedback you have about my website.




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